24/7 Superfood Weight-Loss Shake

Drown your taste buds in a chocolate meal replacement that satisfies beyond your expectations. Or indulge in the Vanilla superfood weight-loss shake designed to blend perfectly with your favorite fruit flavors.

Patty McPeak's 24/7 nutrient-loaded meal-in-a-cup contains HUGE nutrition but weighs in at only 100 calories, when mixed with pure water. And ... 24/7 Superfood Weight-loss Shake by Patty McPeak is absolutely the best tasting, nutrient dense beverage we have found! Bag contains enough mix for 30 satisfying meals! No Risk - Money back guarantee!

As a meal, this 100 calorie weight loss shake satisfies your body's cravings for:
• 120+ Antioxidants
• Vitamins and Minerals
• Omega-3 Fats
• Co-enzyme Q10
• Vitamin D3
• Vitamin B & E Complexes

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We know that flavor is the most important aspect, because if your meal replacement doesn't taste good, you won't drink it!

• CHOCOLATE - 24/7 uses a non-alkalizing cocoa powder and high quality natural chocolate flavor to produce a chocolate so deep you can drown your taste buds in it.

• VANILLA - 24/7 boasts a top quality natural vanilla flavor to produce a tasty vanilla rice beverage that is mild and not overly sweet. Cutting Edge Sweetening System,... 24/7 is sweetened with a proprietary combination of vitamins, minerals, probiotics, prebiotics, enzymes & fiber sweeteners plus a very small amount of non-GMO organic beet fructose. Super low-calorie sweetness!

Patty McPeak based 24/7 Meal Replacement Drink Mix on the top SuperFood grown on the whole North American continent, predigested stabilized rice bran. Stabilized rice bran brings:
• 120 antioxidants
• phytonutrients
• entire vitamin E complex (including tocotrienols)
• B-vitamins
• gamma oryzanol
• rice phytosterols

Then Patty adds the rest of what you need (make pop-up of nutrient panel for them to click on) for a healthy meal - just take a peek at her nutrient panel.

What about Protein? 24/7 contains two types of protein:
• whey protein isolate for its fast metabolizing ability, and
• rice protein because of its essential amino acid profile (including the sulfur containing amino acids cysteine and methionine) and its slower burn, which keeps your amino acid levels higher for longer.

This blend of animal and vegetable proteins works to:
• Reduce lipid levels
• boost immunity
• stimulate IGF

Rice Protein & Whey Protein Isolate together:
• reduce lean tissue loss
• support nitrogen retention
• contain branched chain amino acids that cross the blood brain barrier Rice protein
• will not elevate TC, and LDL-cholesterol
• balances lipid levels

Although 24/7 tastes like a delicious shake, if you look at the nutritional panels you will see that 24/7 has the value of at least 5 jars of nutrient supplements! Cost: $xx.xx per meal - and just 100 calories!!! And don't forget ... Patty McPeak unconditionally guarantees her products.

* Be aware that almost all soy available in the USA is genetically modified (GMO). For this reason Patty McPeak rejects all soy products such as soy milk, soy protein, soy oil, soy phytosterols, etc. Serving: 1 or 2 drinks per day.

Directions for use:
Add 2 heaping scoops of powder to 6-8 oz. of cold water, milk, rice milk or juice. Mix, shake or blend until smooth. You may or may not wish to use the following. It may only be appropriate for customers who use the previous incarnation of this product ...

How is 24/7 better than Patty's previous meal replacement formulas? In formulating 24/7, Patty removed all possibility of GMO ingredients. She eliminated:
• soy phytosterols* and replaced them with rice phytosterols
• all gluten
• all corn

24/7 contains:
• no GMO
• no high fructose corn syrup
• no soy
• no corn
• no gluten

AND it contains more fiber and fewer calories than Patty's previous formulas! Patty McPeak then beefed up the previous formula by adding some absolutely essential nutrients such as:
• folate
• Coenzyme Q10
• beta-carotene

Patty increased the amounts of
• thiamin
• iron
• selenium
• magnesium
• protein
• calcium
• zinc
• copper
• magnesium
• Vitamins A, B6, and D3

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